Business Plan Writing Service

You found us because you need help with your business plan. And you’re probably wondering what sets business plan consultants like us apart from many other “business plan writers.” Here’s the difference:

No Salespeople: We don’t have a slick commissioned salesperson “sell” you and then hand you off to a junior business plan writer as soon as they get your credit card number. From Day One, you will deal directly with the senior business plan consultant who will actually work with you. Personal relationships matter, and you need to know exactly who you’re dealing with.

Fully Customized: Some business plan consulting companies are able to charge extremely low fees because they have a cookie-cutter, assembly-line approach to business plan writing. You’re smart enough to know that you get what you pay for. We build all of our business plans from scratch to represent your unique vision, not somebody else’s.

Develop a Winning Strategy: Most so-called “business plan consultants” simply take whatever you tell them and put it on paper. We go much deeper and help you develop the most viable strategy for success, which we then communicate through a compelling business plan.

Save Money: About half of our clients came to us after a business plan prepared by a less qualified business plan consultant did not work out. Why not get it right the first time and save money?

Work with True Experts: Our business plan consultants are the best in the business. We’ve walked in your shoes and we understand what you’re going through. We have deep and broad experience in creating and executing upon business models of all kinds. We have a keen sense of what works in the marketplace and what doesn’t.

The Process of Writing your Business Plan

1. Free Telephone Consultation

The consultation will involve an informal discussion that allows us to learn more about your business idea, the stage you are currently at and the direction of your business plan.

2. Business Plan Questionnaire

After establishing that we would both like to work together, we will send over a questionnaire via email for you to complete. Your response to this will be used to start work on a draft business plan. It is likely we will need more information from you throughout the process. At Step 2 we also ask for a 50% deposit of the agreed fee – please see below for further details on fees.

3. Completion of the Draft Business Plan

Dependant on the complexity of the business plan and any additional information we may need from you, it can take up to 2 weeks for the completion of the draft business plan. We will email you a draft business plan in either a Word or PDF document. Much of this time is spent researching your target demographic, your industry, competitor analysis and developing a comprehensive marketing section. As we mentioned previously, you will receive a completely bespoke and detailed business plan. In fact the “draft” business plan we send is near enough the final version in most cases.

4. Business Plan Review

Once you have recieved your draft business plan via email you may review it thoroughly and email us back with any requirements or ammendments. We then incorporate any amendments in to the business plan, and once the remaining balance has been paid, you will receive both a Word document and pdf version of the business plan, the financial forecasts, appendices – including any additional information we have sourced which you might like to keep on file for reference.

Our Lead Business Planning Specialist – Andrew Harwood

Over a career of 30+ years, Andrew has refined his skills and experience to become a multi-disciplined, commercially realistic “business architect”. Who thrives in an entrepreneurial climate working with both new, and established entrepreneurs.

He is a “big four” trained accountant and has spent a lifetime in business, corporate finance and venture capital, including being a divisional finance director of two publically listed FTSE 250 companies, as well as being involved in numerous start-ups.

Andrew has been both sides of the table, as an entrepreneur in his start-ups, and as an adviser to entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their enterprises, as well as being a real life “Dragon” and investment director making investment decisions on behalf of venture capital funds.

Andrew was part of the team that established a multi-million-pound venture capital fund that specialised in investing in start-up and early stage businesses with high growth potential, which according to Dow Jones in 2014, went from launch to 5th most active venture capital fund in Europe in just 18 months.

Over the years, Andrew has written hundreds of business plans, grant applications and formal tender documents for a wide range of applications, and that have successfully raised millions in funding. He has been able to provide unique insight into the commercial reality of building a business, fundraising and business development process, making sure any proposal is investment ready and invest-able.

On the other side, Andrew has reviewed thousands of plans as part of review panels providing investment decisions for venture capital funds that have invested millions in both UK and global enterprises.

What’s more, Andrew has been exposed to, seen and worked with both successful and distressed businesses, so really understands what it takes to build a successful, sustainable and valuable business that is exit ready and highly desirable by potential acquirers.

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